The purpose of this page is to give you an insight into some parent’s views of the experiences their child(ren) have had during their time at Lawnswood. It may be particularly helpful to any prospective parents who are considering Lawnswood School for their child.

An Open letter from parents of pupils at Lawnswood School

We realise that you are probably spending many hours thinking about your son or daughter’s choice of secondary School. It’s feels like one of the most difficult decisions that you will have to make. We understand this because we have made that decision too.

We thought you might be interested to hear some views of parents who have already made the transition to Secondary School and can offer some good news stories.


“Probably what I value most about Lawnswood and hadn’t anticipated given how many pupils there are, is how well many staff know my daughter and use this to get the best out of her. These are just some of my experiences:

….her maths teachers recognised she was working below what she was capable of in year 7, invested time in her and as a result she moved up a set in year 8 …. Maths is now one of her favourite subjects

…A music teacher gave up lunchtimes to teach her violin, until a permanent teacher was found. She has stuck with it and recently performed a solo in a concert. Her PE teacher made her netball captain for a time and this year she has taken the initiative and joined a local netball club”  Year 9


“..Our son was part of the debating team….at the Politics Forum organised by Leeds University and judged by serving politicians. I was so proud to see them raise the cup. If I had been told when my son was 11 that he would be on that stage I would not have believed it”.  Year 11


“…Our child was achieving well academically and having a great time with seemingly endless array of extra-curricular sporting opportunities….and now our child has received an unconditional Oxbridge offer….”  Year 13


Overall …. I am delighted by the diversity of the student body at Lawnswood and the support the students give each other. Difference appears to be celebrated and my worries about ‘fitting in’ entirely groundless. My children are developing into confident, self-assured young adults and academically their progress is equivalent to or exceeds that of any other local school. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Lawnswood to anyone currently considering where to send their child”   Year 11


“When (he) arrived in Leeds, he wondered whether he could study… in the U.k …because of his limited knowledge of English. He had no friends and kept quiet all the time…However, everything has changed since (he) went to study at Lawnswood School…He likes to go to School because Lawnswood School…according to him is brilliant…He is always afraid that one day he may not have the chance to go to Lawnswood School anymore. Thanks to Lawnswood School, my son now enjoys…life in the U.K. Year 8


These extracts are taken from letters received from parents. You can see the full version of the letters by clicking the links below.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about what Lawnswood School might be like for your son or daughter please get in touch. As members’ of Friends of Lawnswood School we would be more than happy to meet with individually or visit you and other Parents at your Primary School. Please contact:  friendsoflawnswoodschool@hotmail.com