Cabaret, Cabaret!


Another amazing evening at the Lawnswood Cabaret on Friday 18th November. Now in its 6th year, the event did not fail to make you laugh, create a lump in your throat and thoroughly inspire you. It was wonderful to see so many Spanish Exchange students enjoying the medley of musicians, vocalists, gymnasts and comics.

A real-time poetry competition was part of the show with some real artistic prose and some real stinkers – all cheered with equal gusto.

Congratulations to Petra Rajchel who won a whole box of Tunnock Teacakes for her ditty:

“Down at the Lawnswood Cabaret,

I was inspired to write a poem,

I’d see hoops and song and flips and dance

And then, I’d stagger hoem”

A massive thank-you must go to Peter Spafford, Annette Dadds, Katie Mitchel and Rachel Rushton for organising the event and of course to our regular compere, Peter White whose hula-hoop skills continued to dazzle. Roll on next Year!






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