Remember your school careers advice?  Was it uninspiring  or unhelpful?

We have recently started identifying ways to compliment the School’s Careers Advice and Guidance work. We believe that as a group of parents we have a huge breadth of experience of different types of careers and employment and wish to ensure students have the chance to learn about these different opportunities. Please would you consider volunteering to share your work/career experience, by going into school, to talk with small groups of students.

We are not only looking for specific jobs/careers but also areas and types of working e.g. self employed, building trade, health and social care, creative industries, sport and leisure industries, hospitality, engineering, teaching etc. The broader the range of jobs, the more we can provide information on different work opportunities and careers that students may consider doing in the future. Often students do not know that particular jobs even exist yet they are asked to choose GCSE and A level subjects at a young age, possibly ruling out future careers that would suit them well.

Students will be encouraged to make best use of your time and where possible will be linked to areas where they have expressed an interest. The school have suggested a range of ways that parents/carers can come into school to contribute. Once we have developed more specifics we will contact those interested by email. We recognise that your contribution will need to fit with your work commitments.

If you are able to volunteer your time or have any questions then please contact either Lee Ingham or Julia de los Rios using the FOLS e-mail address:


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